Appleton Luff is an independent international boutique law firm whose attorneys share the same vision and experience. We emphasize quality, integrity and efficiency. We value personal and client relationships and this is demonstrated in each case we handle. Our attorneys were trained in the largest and most well-respected international and law firms. All are multilingual and most hold advanced degrees in their fields of expertise. We pride ourselves in our ability to handle complex international matters in a cost-effective way.

Appleton Luff

practice areas

International Trade
Advising governments and businesses on both defensive and offensive trade strategies.
Litigation and International Arbitration
Serving as sole and party appointed arbitrators in ICC, AAA and Ad Hoc arbitrations.
Trade Remedies
Managing over 300 trade remedy proceedings.
Public International Law
Advising also on the wider context of international relations.
EU Law
Advising governments and businesses on the entire range of European Law.


International Economics Ltd is a specialised economic consultancy company providing strategic advice to governments and the private sector. The Company provides tailored services to meet individual clients’ needs and expectations. Building on its in-house expertise and network of partners across the globe, it finds new trade and investment opportunities for clients, identifies challenges and threats posed by changing market conditions and assesses the best policy options for taking advantage of market opportunities, as well as regional and multilateral agreements.

The New Markets Lab (NML) is a legal and regulatory think tank and innovation lab that improves systems for economic law and regulation to generate broad-based opportunity and entrepreneurship. Through an international team of lawyers and diverse partnerships around the world, the organisation develops and tests new models for inclusive economic legal and regulatory change. Since 2010, NML has acted as both a repository for international best practices in economic law and regulation and a training ground for the next generation of lawyers.

Williams Trade Law, based in Sydney, Australia, specializes in the regulation of international trade, especially the law of the World Trade Organization. The firm offers advice to governments, and private firms attempting to influence governments, on any matter arising under the WTO or any trade or investment agreement.  The firm can represent parties in consultations and dispute settlement processes, treaty negotiations, or on structuring domestic regulation to fit within the constraints of treaty obligations.  The firm can advise and represent parties in trade law matters including antidumping, countervailing duties, safeguards and customs matters.