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International Trade

The Firm’s prime specialisation is international trade law, at national, regional and multilateral levels. The Firm advises governments and businesses on both defensive and offensive trade strategies. Its expertise covers all WTO-related areas, such as customs legislation (including rules of origin), trade remedies, agricultural policies, non-tariff barriers to trade (including technical regulations, standards and sanitary and phytosanitary measures), subsidies, trade in services, trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights and dispute settlement. As part of our international trade strategy, we have added our Silicon Valley Office to provide intellectual property services as they relate to trade, such as advising on 337 proceedings conducted by the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Firm members have unique experience advising nations on negotiating strategies before multilateral fora, such as the WTO, and at the bilateral and regional level. Firm members assist governments and private companies to assess the compatibility of domestic laws with the WTO Agreement and various regional trade agreements. Firm members have extensive experience advising on matters arising under regional and plurilateral agreements (preferential trade agreements). A list of agreements with which firm members have worked is available here. In addition, firm members advise on domestic regulatory issues, including the compatibility of domestic regulations with international and regional trade rules. We litigate before international jurisdictions and, with our clients, assist with market access issues. 

Dr. Appleton, Dr. Luff, Dr. Rios-Herran, Mr. Sim and Mr Macrory teach international trade law in various universities in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa and have published extensively on trade-related legal topics.

Trade Remedies

Our attorneys and professionals have experience in over 330 trade remedy proceedings (antidumping, countervailing duty/anti-subsidy and safeguard measures) conducted in all major jurisdictions including the US, EU, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Turkey and Russia. Recent successful cases defended by our lawyers and professionals are provided.

EU Law

Appleton Luff provides advice to governments and businesses on EU Law, in particular economic and trade law: the common customs regime, the Common Agricultural Policy, trade remedies, competition law, and the four freedoms (goods, services, persons and capital). We have extensive experience before the European Court of Justice and under the various administrative procedures provided by European trade and competition policies. We have deep knowledge and experience dealing with European institutions, their institutional mechanisms, and their corporate culture

Litigation and Arbitration

Our attorneys have extensive experience before the European and US Courts, WTO Panels and the Appellate Body, and in Investor – State disputes. Our attorneys have represented companies and served as arbitrators in disputes involving firms from Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and most of East Asia and South-East Asia, and governments in Africa and the Caribbean. Members of Appleton Luff have served as sole arbitrator, party appointed arbitrator, counsel and co-counsel in ICC, AAA, EDF and Ad Hoc arbitrations in disputes concerning international trade, development financing, intellectual property, licensing, agency agreements, mining, construction and sovereigns.

Public International Law

Appleton Luff has unique experience in the field of international law. We have been involved in actions before the UN Security Council and the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague. We advise on all issues of public international law and international relations. We handle specific actions, particularly in the fields of:


  • Investments
  • Sanctions, and
  • The Law of the seas

Free Trade Agreements

Our attorneys and professionals have advised governments and companies on all aspects of regional trade agreements (RTAs) and preferential trading agreements (PTAs) in various forms (bilateral, regional and mega-regional). Our work includes feasibility studies, negotiations, advocacy, drafting, implementation, training, and compliance aspects of RTAs and PTAs involving legal, economic, and public affairs.  Combined with our experience in WTO matters, our firm provides practical advice in dealing with complex RTA and PTA issues.



  • ASEAN-China
  • China-Singapore
  • China-Sri Lanka
  • EFTA-Singapore
  • EU-Algeria
  • EU-Armenia
  • EU-Balkan States
  • EU-Canada
  • EU-Central Africa
  • EU-Cote d’Ivoire
  • EU-Eastern Africa
  • EU-Eastern and Southern Africa
  • EU-Georgia
  • EU-Indonesia
  • EU-Mexico
  • EU-Pacific States
  • EU-Singapore
  • EU-Southern Africa
  • EU-UK (Brexit)
  • EU-Ukraine
  • EU-Vietnam
  • EU-West Africa
  • EU-OCTs
  • Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
  • Gulf Cooperation Council-China
  • Thailand-Australia
  • US-Africa (AGOA)
  • US-Canada
  • US-Singapore
  • Vanuatu-New Caledonia


             Regional                                 Mega-Regional  

  • EAC
  • EU
  • GCC
  • SADC
  • RCEP
  • TPP
  • TTIP
  • Tri-Partite
  • Agreement of Africa





Our IP practice covers all aspects of traditional IP services—advising, procuring, enforcing, defending and commercializing IP rights.  The Firm’s IP practice is integrated with its international trade practice to provide our clients seasoned advice on matters involving trade and intellectual property. This unique blend of skills and international experiences and networks optimizes the guidance the Firm can provide in a world where technology is increasingly the result of cross-border international collaboration. 

Based in Silicon Valley, the Firm’s IP attorneys have worked internationally, and have advised and represented some of the world’s most successful companies both as in-house counsel, and as outside counsel at highly respected law firms.  This diverse experience results in an approach that is mindful of the business goals of our clients when crafting legal solutions that enhance their overall business objectives.  The Firm’s IP attorneys are skilled at crafting innovative and cost-effective IP strategies and solutions by evaluating matters from an insider’s perspective, that integrates all business concerns, including budget constraints, and analyzes all legal solutions to generate expedient and commercially practicable solutions. 

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International Life Sciences

Our practice extends to all aspects of life sciences, including health products, health services, and health-sector reform.

Our attorneys advise and support life science players worldwide through the entire spectrum of their operations, from new product development and market entry, to scaling up and crisis management, addressing their commercial, regulatory and compliance needs (including anti-bribery and FCPA concerns).

Our clients include mature firms, start-ups, investors, non-profit organizations and regulators.  

  • Health products

We assist clients with respect to regulated and unregulated health products, including medical devices, active pharmaceutical ingredients, foodtechs, biocides, human/animal tissues, blood products, health-sector nanotechnologies, IOT in health, phytogenics, cosmetics, and well-being products.

We perform independent assessments of how existing health legislation addresses current priorities.  We look for existing good health legislation models in other countries to help justify, negotiate, design and implement reforms.  We help find rapid solutions in times of crisis.

  • Health services

We assist clients with health services development, issue remediation, staff credentialing, and reimbursement.

  • Health-sector government services

We advise health authorities and regulators on complex and sensitive operational health-sector matters, as well as health–sector legislation assessment, reform, and implementation.

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